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It began with Women’s Wear Daily. A full-page article devoted to the talents of one of Tinseltown’s most influential makeup artists who heads the makeup departments of the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes and numerous Hollywood productions. The article captured the attention of a beauty executive who wanted to introduce his liquid makeup to this influential makeup artist. But, after a fortuitous meeting in Los Angeles, the executive knew there was more to this Wunderkind makeup artist than having his endorsement of a liquid makeup. In fact he thought, “I may have just found a partner for our new makeup brand.” And thus, the beginnings of VIBE Cosmetics were planted.

Initially, a few products were produced for top Hollywood makeup artists and their celebrity clients to garner feedback on each formula's quality, function, wear and shade-development. Years later, the Founding-partners would take the line mainstream, making it available to a broader audience. One of the first products was a densely pigmented, long-wearing liquid lipstick which was vetted again through Hollywood makeup artists who helped curate the initial collection; not long after, VIBE RANTS® HIGH VOLUME LIQUID LIPSTICK debuted.

What goes into a fledgling, upstart company often sets its trajectory for years. A mantra the brand has adopted is “e pluribus unum,” which translates to, out of many, one. “As makeup artists, we have the keys to help unlock every individual’s unique vibe.” Indeed, out of many, only one, you!  


Welcome to VIBE Cosmetics, everyone belongs.